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Quality details start from functionality



From line, material selection and grinding to switch closing
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  • Switch socket installation and wiring problems

    Installation and wiring of switch socket are as follows: 1. General switch wiring ports are marked with: l live line and N zero line. If the control power supply is on or off, the wiring mode: connect the live wire to the L terminal, connect the L1 terminal of the switch to the L terminal of two empty sockets, and connect the zero wire to the N terminal of the socket. 2. If the socket is not controlled by the switch, the wiring mode is another: connect the live wire to the L terminal of the switch, connect the L1 terminal of the switch to one terminal of the lamp cap, and connect the zero wire to another terminal of the lamp cap. The switch and the lamp form a loop. The other two wiring holes of the N terminal are connected to the socket, so that the other two wiring holes of the L terminal can be connected to the normal socket.

  • Functions of wall switch socket and main junction line

    Focusing on the design and operation analysis of the wall switch socket, this paper describes the basic requirements for the main junction line, the basic form of the main junction line, the line holding points and examples of AC and DC traction substation power departments, and introduces the problems and factors that should be considered in the selection and evaluation of the main junction line from the aspects of technical economy and reliability analysis.   The main junction line of wall switch socket reflects the basic structure and function of the power department. In operation, it can show the connection mode with high-voltage power grid, the relationship between power transmission and distribution, and the operation mode of primary equipment in substation, which becomes the basis of actual operation; In the design, the determination of the main junction line has a significant impact on the selection of electrical equipment of switch sockets on the wall of the substation, the layout of distribution devices, the configuration and calculation of relay protection, and the selection of automatic devices and control modes. At the same time, the main wiring of wall switch socket plays a decisive role in the reliability, power quality, operation flexibility and economy of transmission system. Therefore, the main junction line of wall switch socket and its combined double socket electrical equipment are the main part of the power department. For household and industrial power distribution devices (0.7 kV voltage for household and industrial power distribution devices), it mainly describes the basis for determining the installation Quan distance of indoor and outdoor devices, the composition and characteristics of various power distribution devices, as well as the basic selection and design layout principles of power distribution devices. The main junction line of wall switch socket appliances in the power department (including switching station and step-down substation) refers to the circuit for receiving and distributing electric energy composed of various electrical components and connecting wires such as main transformer, household high-voltage resistant wall switch socket and equipment. The single line or three line wiring diagram that represents the above-mentioned wall switch socket electrical equipment and wires with the equipment symbol and graphics specified by the power department and is connected as required according to their function and operation sequence is called the main wiring diagram of wall switch socket electrical appliances. It not only indicates the specification and quantity of each main equipment, but also reflects the relationship between the connection mode of each equipment and the electrical circuit of the wall switch socket, so as to form the main system of the electrical part of the wall switch socket in the substation.

  • Improper use of Engineering switches and sockets is prone to minor accidents

    Improper use of Engineering switches and sockets is prone to minor accidents The switch socket manufacturer reminds: if the switch socket falls off the wall as a whole, if it touches the switch socket in the later stage, the whole switch socket will bounce off the wall. Thus causing the whole switch socket to fall off. There are many reasons for this problem: the quality of the base is poor or the construction is reckless, the internal thread fixing hole is screwed and exploded, the screws are naturally not tight, and the panel pops open with a little external force. Tiling, puttying, nail length of switch socket and other factors will also affect the quality of switch socket, which is often ignored by the owner. It is inconvenient to plug in and out or the jack is redundant. There are many problems with the switch socket in the owner's home for several years: one switch is not powered on, one socket falls off as a whole, and the sockets at the three commonly used bedside tables are not plugged in and out smoothly. This is mainly due to the unreasonable structure of the socket and the poor quality of accessories. According to the standard, the number of unplugging and plugging of the socket should reach more than 5000 times, and the number of unplugging and plugging of the socket can reach 10000 times. In other words, qualified sockets can be used normally for 10 or even 20 years. The cracking is mostly due to poor material. Facing the doubts of the owner, insiders analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of switch socket material. In the industry, there is a material used to make the base called "bakelite powder", which is actually recycled plastic. The unit price of the engineering switch socket base processed with this material in the market is only two or three yuan. The gap is not enough, which is easy to produce electric sparks. The common problem of switch sockets in some projects is that the panel or socket is smoking and burning black soon after use, because the gap between moving and static contacts is too small. When the contacts are just separated, the electric field intensity between the moving and static contacts is very high due to the small gap, resulting in hot electron emission and arc, that is, common electric spark. If good materials are used, the gap between moving and static contacts can be guaranteed to meet the standard and prevent electric sparks. Therefore, the contact material can not be made of pure copper, because pure copper is soft and has poor PI fatigue resistance. Instead, it should be made of copper alloy. The inner core is all tin phosphor bronze commonly used by first-line brands, and the contact is made of silver coated material.

  • What items should be checked during regular inspection of switches and sockets?

    The following items need to be checked during regular inspection of switches and sockets: The general inspection includes the location of our house and the wall switch sockets and other electrical appliances in the house. In addition to detecting the energization of these appliances and wall switch sockets, records should also be made, such as inspection date, inspection conclusion, etc. There are three specific inspection requirements. 1. The person who carried out the inspection. For the regular inspection of the wall switch socket, the construction unit, the supervision company and the construction unit must be required to participate together, and the three parties shall check and record the power on an of the electrical appliances. 2. After the installation of the switch socket of the project is completed, the power on inspection shall be carried out and recorded one by one according to the actual residents of the residence. The specific contents include whether there is damage inside the switch socket, whether the phase line is connected to the screw lamp center, whether the service life of the switch socket expires, whether the switch in the kitchen and bathroom is waterproof, whether the contact is good, whether there will be electric leakage, whether the switch controls the phase line, whether the installation position of the switch meets the standard, whether the wiring of the single-phase three hole socket is left zero, right phase and the ground wire is on. Once the hidden danger is found out, it should be handled even if it is changed. The ones that can be repaired should be repaired, and the ones that cannot be repaired should be replaced. If the line is inappropriate, it should be rerouted to ensure that the user's power consumption is complete. 3. The records after the inspection shall be written in a standardized manner on the form. If they meet the requirements, fill in "J" and if they do not meet the requirements, fill in "X". Moreover, the wall switch socket that does not meet the requirements shall be rectified, and the conclusion in the form shall be indicated after rectification. After the form is completed, the construction, supervision and construction unit shall be required to sign and seal on the form.